Letter to the Editor: Prevention of Depression and Psychological Stress by Studying Book in Quarantine Conditions of COVID-19

Marjan Arab Rahmatipour, Alireza Ebadollahi-Natanzi, Gholamrza Arab-Rahmatipour


With the occurrence pandemic of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the World Health Organization and health officials in all countries of the world were forced to comply with quarantine conditions. On the one hand, the stress of this dangerous viral disease, and other hand, staying home for an indefinite period of time does not have pleasant consequences. The announcement of an increase in the number of patients with the disease and the death toll also adds to the emotional excitement. Therefore, to prevent mental and psychological diseases as well as other social harms, people can make it easier and more tolerable of quarantine conditions and issues on the margins of illness, by studying and reading books. Research has shown that studying, especially reading books plays an important role in preventing diseases such as depression and stress. It is difficult to predict when this tragedy will end. But more importantly, the evidence suggests there is a possibility that such cases will be repeated.


COVID-19; Quarantine; Reading Book; e-Libraries; Depression; Psychological Stress.


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DOI: 10.28991/SciMedJ-2020-0203-7


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Copyright (c) 2020 Marjan Arab Rahmatipour, Alireza Ebadollahi-Natanzi, Gholamreza Arab-Rahmatipour