Special Issue "COVID-19"


A special issue of SciMedicine Journal (ISSN: 2704-9833).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 21 March 2021.

Special Issue Information

Importance & Relevance of Topic

The Coronavirus Disease 2019-20 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused extreme strains on health systems, public health infrastructure, and economies of many countries. This raging pandemic continues to disrupt our lives while the scientific community is rushing to find a cure for COVID-19. In this unparalleled scenario, the world scientific community is called to act. And it is doing it!

SciMedicine Journal team will take this opportunity to connect researchers who work around the world to contain and conquer the global health crisis. The SciMedicine Journal has intended to publish a special issue of the articles related to COVID-19. We welcome all submissions of manuscripts related to any aspect of COVID-19. The topics of this special issue include diagnosis, characterization, pharmacological treatment, and epidemiology of COVID-19.

We also, encourage all COVID-19 related submissions and will provide authors with a fast track yet rigorous reviewing process within one week then accelerate the online publication process of accepted manuscripts as soon as possible. Our aim is to bring together various communities and disciplines on all scales to aid research into this disease.

Aim and Scope

Please submit field reports, case studies, surveillance reports, technologies, apps, protocols and reports on isolation, suppression, treatment protocols, models, policy recommendations, rapid reviews, telework/telemedicine reports, etc. All types of articles are welcome, long and short.

Therefore, manuscripts developed for this Special Issue can include, but not limited to:

• SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, MERS, Epidemiology;

• Evolving status of the 2019‐nCoV and COVID-19;

• Diagnosis and infection monitoring strategies;

• Immunoinformatics‐aided identification of 2019‐nCoV;

• Transmission and replication dynamics of 2019‐nCoV;

• Genomic organization of 2019‐nCoV;

• Simulation of COVID-19, SARS and MERS outbreak events;

• Big data-driven COVID-19 health risk identification;

• Molecular and epidemiological aspects of COVID-19;

• Managing risk of Covid-19 outbreak;

• New gender inequalities in time use during confinement;

• Machine learning, Deep learning and Network science for COVID-19;

• Current clinical trials and vaccine development strategies;

• Impact of quarantine and resilience for COVID-19;

• Pathogenesis and virus-host interactions;

• Community-acquired human coronaviruses;

• Risk assessment for enhanced surveillance;

• Impact of weather conditions on COVID-19 outbreak;

• Economic impact of COVID-19 outbreak;

• Impact of COVID-19 in HE systems and strategies adopted to face education-related issues.


  • Coronavirus Disease
  • COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Pandemic
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Case Management


Deadline for Final Draft of Papers

21 March 2021

Reviews and Revisions Period

About 7 days after submission

Notification of Final Decision

About 7 days after revision


After acceptance